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 Stretch Film
We look for PVC cling film for food, 40HQ 30cm*10mic*1500m 40cm*10mic*1500m & 45cm*10mic*1500m could u give the CFR Oran Best regards,
Effective Date: 3/8/2022Company: Kxxxxx
Unit: Piece Country: Turkey City: Ankara Quantity: 90 Description: 30pcs s 30 pcs m 30 pcs L Gathering high body non-reflective tights. Can I get price information?
Effective Date: 3/8/2022Company: Sxxxxx
Steel Non-Directional Hinge
I'm writing from Adana, I'm a hardware store
Effective Date: 3/8/2022Company: Bxxxxx
plastic scrap - deras
scrap plastic
Quantities Required: 100 Yirmi-Ayak Konteyner Effective Date: 3/8/2022Company: Exxxxx
Raised Trousers Elastic Corded Side Pockets Jogger Sweatpants Beige
Unit: Set Country: Bosna Hersek City: Doboj Quantity: 40 Explanation: Hello, I would like offer for jogger pants in S-M-L-XL (each size aprox. 10 pieces)
Effective Date: 3/8/2022Company: Sxxxxx
Plastic Lid Round Bucket 2.5 L.
Unit: Piece Country: Turkey City: Istanbul (Anatolia) Quantity: 500 Description: Plastic bucket 2,5lt
Effective Date: 3/8/2022Company: Axxxxx
Caramelized sugar
Unit: Kilogram Country: İspanya city: Seville Quantity: 100 Explanation: We need 3g single-dose sachets of caramelised sugar to add to a dessert reference. Thanks.
Effective Date: 3/8/2022Company: Bxxxxx
Artistic Canvas Cloth
hello i want price for canvas cloth
Effective Date: 3/7/2022Company: Axxxxx
Smart Cargo Vending Machines
Hello, I want to buy cargo vending machines for the official institutions and cargo companies of the country I live in. There is a serious potential.
Quantities Required: 10 Adet Effective Date: 3/6/2022Company: Hxxxxx
Aluminium Material Correction
0,08x1050mm 8 ton , 0,043x1050mm 18 ton toplamda 26 ton.rulo seklınde olacak. her ay düzenli alım.
Quantities Required: 26 Ton Effective Date: 12/16/2021Company: Sxxxxx
Descaler / Bathroom Cleaner
There is a brand I am looking for 0.75l package Diversey taski clonet extra There is no quantity limit for this small package. I am not looking for a product other than this brand and we have a condition that this brand must be 0 original. Sales
Quantities Required: 10000 Adet Effective Date: 12/12/2021Company: Wxxxxx
100x100 Grid Model
Era SM-2 Electric Grill
Quantities Required: 1 Adet Effective Date: 3/4/2022Company: Mxxxxx
Hose Socket
Hose Socket buying request
Effective Date: 3/3/2022Company: Wxxxxx
Smart Watch
Hi how much is shiping to montenegro ?
Effective Date: 3/3/2022Company: Pxxxxx
Bedroom Set
We are waiting for a price quote for the product.
Effective Date: 3/3/2022Company: Mxxxxx
Sliced Cheddar Cheese
We are waiting for a price offer for 10 pieces of 1 kg packaged product.
Effective Date: 3/3/2022Company: Axxxxx
Ballistic Protective Hood
We are waiting for a price quote for the product.
Effective Date: 3/3/2022Company: Oxxxxx
Concrete Paving Stone and Block Machine
We are waiting for a price quote for the product.
Effective Date: 3/3/2022Company: Rxxxxx
Automatic Rummy Table
We are waiting for a price quote for the product.
Effective Date: 3/3/2022Company: Oxxxxx
Camouflage Coats
We are waiting for a price offer for the product in sizes S-M.
Effective Date: 3/3/2022Company: Bxxxxx