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Turkey /Kocaeli /Gebze
Short description InnovCera is a multifunctional coating for ceramic surfaces, both for internal or external application.

Product description

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InnovCera Clean is a multifunctional coating for every kind of ceramic surfaces, both for internal or external application. The application of this coating can serve for many purposes, from making the cleaning process easier to avoid the growth of harmful bacteria. Thanks to Innov’Coat exclusive technology, InnovCera is capable to provide limitless coloring options without additional application process, reducing production costs e allowing new design solutions.

Properties and Advantages
HYDROPHOBICITY: Avoids water (or other liquids) to stops on the surface, reducing the deposition of limestone or other dirt
OLEOPHOBICITY: Enable easy-clean function by avoiding dirt and liquid to attach to the surface. Easy-clean allows to remove any dirt on the surface without any efforts by simple wiping with water or a minimum quantity of detergent
PHOTOCATALYTIC: Enable self-cleaning property, that helps easy-to-clean, antibacterial and anti moss/mold functionalities, by destroying into smaller particles any elements deposited on the surface
ABRASION RESISTANCE: Makes surfaces more resistant and durable
ANTI MOSS/MOLD: Prevents the growth of moss and mold on the surface due to excessive humidity in the environment
ANTIBACTERIAL: Kills a higher percentage of living organisms on the surface (compare to uncoated surfaces) that can be harmful
Surface / Material
 Tiles (glazed, vitrified, matt)
Furniture (baths, sinks, tubes, kitchen tops)
Any other product with ceramic surface

Quick Details

InnovCera is a multifunctional coating for ceramic surfaces, both for internal or external application.

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About Us

See translation with Google Translate Google Translate Innov’Coat, born in 2009 as a joint-venture between the French company Cromology and the Turkish company InovNano and based in Gebze (at the entrance of Istanbul, Turkey), is a functional coating developer and manufacturer, that creates customized solution for any kind of surfacing materials.

Thanks to its team of chemists and engineers, Innov’Coat is capable to provide technological solutions for a wide range of issues, creating and adapting coatings that can generate a substantial competitive advantage for the products they are applied on.

Innov’Coat has already successfully helped several material manufacturers (ceramic, glass, metal) as well as companies from different industries (electronic appliance, automotive, furniture, …) to become more innovative, solve technical issues or create new products.

Shareholders and Management
Innov’Coat is a joint venture (50%-50%) nanotechnology company of Cromology Group (France) and Inovnano (Turkey)

Members of the Board Loic Derrien
CEO, Cromology Paints Gülsen Çeliker
Inovnano Founding Partner,
Chief Technical Officer Hüseyin Çeliker
Inovnano Founding Partner,
Managing DirectorBernard Chapuis
Supply Chain and R&D Director, Cromology Paints

Company Info

INNOVCOAT Nano Boya ve Yuzey Ur. San. Tic.

Main Office
Gebze Organize Sanayi Böl. Kemal Nehrozoğlu Cad. Teknopark 1.Üretim Binası
Gebze / Kocaeli /
Telephone: +90 262 678 89 63
Fax: 0-262-6788973

Main Office Kocaeli / Turkey
Company Type Private Company
Company Size 11-50
Date of Establishment 2009
Business Type Service Provider, Manufacturer